Sputnik specializes in frontier futures: long-range intelligence that enables organizations to resonate in a world of constant and dynamic change.

Innovation news, macro-trends, cultural foresight… IF IT’S NOT FRONTIER, IT’S NOT THE FUTURE.

Founding Partners

Joanne De Luca

Janine Lopiano

Sputnik partners have provided strategic foresight consultation to cross-category multinational corporations for over 23 years and are the founders of Sputnik Observatory, a not-for-profit organization for the study of contemporary culture.

Sputnik explores the aspirations of connected culture and the imagination of provocative thinkers whose ideas and innovations will shape tomorrow's business landscape.

What we do:

  • Proprietary studies with leading global expert insights

  • Strategy and positioning based on strategic futures and cultural insights

  • Curated events/workshops for learning and innovation acceleration

  • Customized cultural intelligence reports for strategic innovation, new business models, marketing and media opportunities


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